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Murcia home for sale view this house online. One of the best properties for sale in the region of El Pareton Murcia
Murcia in Spain is embodied by two different sets of water the mediterranian and the menor sea. It has around 200 beaches along its coast line. The piece of land that is outstretched is called La Manga. besides its beaches murcia has other great qualities that lay hidden away, it also has its own university and is the capital province.
Murcia has around 300,000 habitants and is around 75km south of Alicante. It has a variety of different landscapes and the weather is one of a mild climate. It has a view not uncommon to that of a desert that is broken by lush green vegetation found in the valley of Segura and the valley of Guadaletin.
As the mountains of sierra de Orihuela and the Cresta de Gallo seperate you will find Murcia. It is known for its large and sophisticated watering system, which it is famously known for its vegetables. Murcia had its irrigation system upgraded by the moors that has made this area one of the most important world wide crop producers.
My house is situated in the rural community of El Pareton, a very beautiful area of murcia.There is about a 15 minute ride to the beach where you will find the gorgeous warm air blowing in form of the sea.

To view my home for sale watch this video of murcia so that you can absorb and appreciate the area and its beautiful surroundings


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